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Gregory heller a un tedX

How to set-up Social Impact Real Estate, by Gregory Heller, CEO of American Communities Trust (17 minutes)

TEDx – Philadelphia – February 14th 2016 Gregory Heller, CEO of American Communities Trust, spent years working on social impact building projects in distressed communities, and wondered why the most important building projects have to struggle for financing “by hook or by crook”. In his talk, he illustrates why the system of private financing in

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Nick Romito en conference

Real Estech boom, par Nick Romito, fondateur de VTS (16 minutes)

NY FinTech Conference Empire Startup – New York – 12/05/2016 Nick Romito (cofondateur et CEO de VTS), Caren Maio (cofondateur et CEO de Nestio), Vishal Garg (fondateur et CEO de Better Mortgage) and Nay Athwal (fondateur et CEO de Realyshares) discutent des étapes qu’ils dû surmonter pour créer une leur startup Real Estech. Ils abordent

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